Hollywood awaits … the director of “The Man Who Sold His Back” reveals the scenes


The movie “The Man Who Sold His Back” by the Tunisian diaspora director Kawthar Ben Haniyeh was selected in the short list of films competing for Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film It is the only Arab film to be shown in this year’s Oscar competition.

The movie stars the Syrian actor Yahya Mahaini, the Italian star Monica Bellucci, the French actress Dia Lien and the Belgian actor Quinn de Bao.

The events of the film depict the suffering of refugees and the troubles of their asylum trips Europe Which varies between material and physical exploitation, racism and insulting human dignity, through the story of a Syrian refugee who lives in Lebanon and wants to enter Europe, which makes him accept the idea of ​​drawing a tattoo on his back that represents a transit visa for him so that he can travel to Europe. Thus, the refugee discovers that his approval of the contract granted him freedom of movement between countries, but robbed him of his dignity and humanity.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, director Kawthar Bin Haniyeh said that the film was nominated for a competition Oscar It was a pleasant surprise for her.

She expressed her happiness with the number of voters for the film and most of them were film professionals who voted for it despite the tough competition.

Bin Haniyeh added that the movie “The Man Who Sold His Back” will be shown in Hollywood despite the lack of a huge and fictional marketing campaign as is customary for the Oscars. By himself.

The director confirmed that the film was chosen among five out of 93 films to be represented Tunisia In the Oscars competition with countries with a long history in Cinema.

“The Man Who Sold His Back” is the first Tunisian feature film to be nominated for an Academy Award in the category of best international film.

He had previously won the Venice Festival for Best Actor, which went to Syrian Yahya Maheeni.

It is noteworthy that the director and writer Kawthar Ben Hania holds a BA in Commercial Sciences and then studied arts and cinema in Tunis and at the Sorbonne in Paris. It has eight films in its credit that varied between short and long fictional tapes and documentaries, and it has won the Golden Tanit for days. Carthage Film Festival 2-16, for the movie “Zainab Hates Snow.”


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