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Despite the many benefits it contains Orange fruitHowever, it may sometimes cause several health problems, and these damages are identified by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Aziz, a nutrition expert at the National Institute of Nutrition.

Harmful orange

The benefits of oranges quickly turn into harms when consumed in the wrong way, represented by drinking large quantities of juice, we list the most prominent of them as follows:


Eating oranges in high quantities causes diarrhea, because they contain fiber.

Digestive problems

Oranges contain high amounts of vitamin C, while it is preferable not to exceed 2000 mg of vitamin C intake during the day. Exceeding this percentage may cause some problems in the digestive system, including: “diarrhea – nausea and vomiting – flatulence – cramps – heartburn.” .


If consumed in large quantities, because of the excess of vitamin C to the required limit.

Fat free

Fat has other functions in the body, namely: It increases the ability to withstand excessive physical exertion.

These fats can be replaced by nuts that contain fats with oranges due to the fewer calories present in oranges, and that is definitely a mistake.

It affects health in general

Ashraf Abdelaziz says, it affects the decline in health.

Oranges are a low-protein food, so you should refrain from replacing an orange-rich meal with oranges, otherwise there will be a decline in health in general.

Oranges contain a high percentage of sugar, although it contains simple sugars, but this type of sugar increases the rate of high blood sugar, if eaten in large quantities. So be careful of that.

Minerals Free

Oranges are free of many minerals, such as: selenium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, copper, and zinc, so you should not rely on eating them in the diet, but rather eating them in small and moderate quantities.


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