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For a few seconds, a “huge lion” appeared next to the artist Amir Karara while feeding him with his mouth, during one of the shots in the official promo of the series “Offspring of aliens», Which is presented yesterday evening, and is scheduled to be shown in the Ramadan Drama Race 2021.

Tales about the lion of Amir Karara in the descendants of strangers

The lion, who had an interaction on the social networking site “Facebook”, is called “Aloushi”, a national circus animal, aged 10 years, and was responsible for his training during his participation in the series “The Strangers” by Ashraf El Helou and Luba El Helou, the trainers of Aswad.

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Ashraf El-Helou told Al-Watan the scenes of Al-Assad’s participation in the dramatic work, saying that the production of the series provided all the capabilities for the safety of the work team and the provision of a suitable environment for Assad by building a cage similar to the one inside the National Circus.

Alloushi promises the dramatic work the close friend of the artist Amir Karara, who raised him from a young age, according to Al-Helou, noting that Assad spent nearly 12 days filming most of it with Amir Karara, who was not afraid to deal with him and trusted his coaches, so that he preferred to do all the scenes himself first Stand next to him and feed him by himself.

“In the first, Aloushi was training our promises to the artist Amir Karara and we smelled his scent so that he knew him.” This is the beginning of the scenes between Assad and Karara, pointing out that the scene of feeding him with his mouth is real and he did it himself twice, according to Ashraf El-Helou, stressing: “The shot was envisioned twice.” … and Alushi is accustomed to the atmosphere of filming.

During the footage that “Aloushi” collected with Amir Karara, the duo were present together in the cage without fear due to the confidence in his coaches “Ashraf and Luba”, and the matter did not stop only at “Karara”, but the team and director Muhammad Sami who were accustomed to the presence of the lion.

Al-Assad Alloushi has previously participated in many artistic works, such as appearing in the movie “Wear Ashan Out” with Hassan Al-Raddad, and before with Ramez Jalal.

Information about the series of strangers offspring

The series “Nassal Al-Ghurib” belongs to the Upper Egypt drama, where Ahmed Al-Sakka embodies the role of a person called “Forgiveness of the Stranger,” while Amir Karara appears, in the role of his brother “Assaf al-Gharib”, and many problems arise between them due to women and extreme jealousy and they fight together and try every Both of them are victorious for themselves, even at the expense of the other, in addition to the fact that each of them is from a different mother.

“Naseel Al-Aghrab” starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Amir Karara, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Mai Omar, Naglaa Badr, Salwa Othman, Imad Ziada, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Asma Abu Al-Yazid, Edward, Muhammad Juma, Muhammad Mahran, and Diab, Screenplay, dialogue and directed by Mohamed Sami.


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