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10:51 AM | Tuesday 23 March 2021

A picture, a shocking statement, and hints ..

Ahmed Syed Zizou

Coinciding with his decline in the level of his company with the white team, news has aroused indicating the existence of serious negotiations gathering Ahmed Sayed Zizou, The player of the football team at Zamalek Club, with the traditional rivals Al-Ahly, to move to its ranks next season, the controversy has been greatly over the past weeks, and ended with the turn of the masses of the White Castle against its player, and launched campaigns of attack against him through various social networking sites.

Zizou provokes Zamalek fans with a post on “Instagram”

The news of the negotiations between the White Castle player and Al-Ahly was not the only reason behind the anger of the Zamalek fans, and their fierce attack on their player, but rather that the latter’s actions were one of the most important reasons for the attack campaign against him, after he took on more than one position that the White Knight fans considered provocative to them.

The beginning came last December, after “Zizou” came out with a shocking statement, denying the statements of Muhammad Habashi, during which he spoke in his capacity as the player’s agent, stressing that there are no negotiations between the player andAhlyThe latter came out and confirms that he does not have an agent through his Instagram story.

Zizou and Afshas relationship raises controversy over the player’s negotiations with Al-Ahly

“Zizou” was not satisfied with his shocking statement, but rather continued his hints that Zamalek fans considered more provocative at this time, after he confirmed that the player who most wishes to play next to him from outside the White Castle is Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, a midfielder for Al-Ahly, in media statements.

Zizou’s last stances were during the national team camp, which was launched last Sunday, in preparation for the confrontations between Kenya and the Comoros in the qualifiers for the African Nations Championship in Cameroon 2022, after the publication of a picture from inside the camp that brought him together with Al-Ahly duo Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” and Mohamed Sharif, which sparked a new wave From the attack on the player on the part of the Zamalek fans, and it opened the door to logical questions after all these positions of the player about his relationship with Al-Ahly club.


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