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05:13 PM | Monday 22nd March 2021

Al-Ahly is waiting to qualify as the group leaders in the African Champions League due to fraud


The club is waiting Ahly He topped his group and qualified as the first group in the African Champions League, due to the complaint of Al-Merrikh, the Sudanese against his counterpart Simba, in which he accused him of falsifying the new Corona virus tests.

Returning to more details, the Sudanese Al-Merrikh players were subjected to a Corona examination at the time of their arrival in Tanzania under the supervision of the Tanzanian Football Association, and the results of the tests were supposed to be received the next day directly, but the Sudanese team received the results of the analyzes a few hours before the match, so 8 key players were deprived, they are « Abdul Rahman Karango – Al Taj Yaqoub – Bakhit Khamis – Ramadan Wonder – Tony – Bakri Al Madina – Saif Al Damazin – Imad Abdel Moneim »from the participation.

Communicate with the Tanzanian lab

A source within the Confederation of African Football revealed to “Watan Sport” yesterday that the Confederation has assigned one of the officials in charge of the medical file to contact the Tanzanian laboratory, which examined the Sudanese Al-Mars players in order to verify the authenticity of the documents presented by Mars, as well as open an investigation with the specialist. Medical by CAF, who was present in the match, in order to ensure the safety of the tests for the players of Mars and to announce the decisions during the next few days.

The source stressed during his speech that Mars had already sent an official complaint and was based on some documents that came to him from the Tanzanian laboratory for the eight players, where all documents are examined and whether or not a defect occurred during the Corona tests, in order to make the right decisions, pointing out that Mars He may be subject to penalties if it is proven that his accusation against Sibma, a Tanzanian, is incorrect, especially since he accused him of an explicit and direct accusation of forgery.

Sudanese Mars filed a formal complaint with the African Union

And the Sudanese Al-Merrikh sent a complaint to the Confederation of African Football, the day before yesterday, in which he confirmed that his players had tested negative for Corona and not positive, which confirms the tampering in the tests for the players, according to the Sudanese club’s complaint.

In the event that the complaint of Al-Merrikh, the Sudanese, is proven correct, Simba, the Tanzanian, will be permanently excluded from the African Champions League, with him being banned from his presence during the next edition at least.


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