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07:55 PM | Wednesday 24 March 2021

Al-Ahly's doctor raises Musimani's anxiety before meeting Zamalek, due to a reasonable, sole and honorable one

Ali Maaloul and Musimani in Al-Ahly training

A source inside the club revealed Ahly, About the details of the Pitso meeting Mosimane, Technical Director of the club’s first football team, with his auxiliary apparatus in order to solve the crisis of the left-back position in the next stage in light of the injury of the trio, Ali Maaloul, Mahmoud Wahid and Ayman Ashraf, especially as the red team is preparing for important meetings in the next stage, starting with the two confrontations between Al-Merrikh, Sudan The Tanzanian in the fifth and sixth rounds of the group stage of the African Champions League and the victory meeting in the Egypt Cup, and then the Egyptian League summit meeting against Zamalek

The source said that anxiety dominated Musimani greatly, after Ahmed Abu Abla, the doctor of the red team, confirmed to him that there were doubts about Ali Maaloul and Mahmoud Wahid joining the Egyptian League summit in front of Zamalek, which will be held on April 18th.

The source added that Musimani felt anxious after speaking with the team doctor because of the lack of alternatives in the left-back position, other than Ayman Ashraf, who suffers from a knee injury also suffered in the camp of the Egypt national team, which is running its last round in qualifying for the African Nations Cup.

Ali Maaloul and Mahmoud Waheed were absent from the stadiums

Ali Maaloul and Mahmoud Waheed suffer from an injury in the posterior muscle, and the duo will be absent for a period of no less than 3 weeks, which means that the duo will return to training in the second week of next April.

And as the source confirmed in statements to “Al Watan Sport” that the Al-Ahly doctor conveyed his doubts about the inability to join Maaloul and Alone to the summit meeting, fearing that the duo would be injured again if they participated in the meeting by not being adequately qualified.

Musimani decided to wait for the duo to return to training, and asked his assistant to focus on the next meetings until they were completed, provided that the game plan in front of Zamalek would be studied immediately before the match.

The date for Al-Ahly’s next matches in the African Champions League, Egypt Cup and the Premier League

Al-Ahly will play its next match against Al-Merrikh of Sudan on April 3 in Sudan, and then face Simba of Tanzania on April 9th ​​in the fifth and sixth rounds of the group stage in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly faces Al-Nasr on April 14th in the Egypt Cup, and then facing Zamalek on April 18th in the Egyptian Premier League competition.


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