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1:22 PM | Thursday, March 25, 2021

Ashraf bin Sharqi refuses to renew Zamalek

Ashraf bin Sharqi

A source inside the club’s first football team revealed Zamalek, That the Moroccan Ashraf bin Sharqi The team player refused to resolve his contract renewal file during the current days, especially since his contract with Zamalek expires at the end of next season and he is entitled to sign for any club during the next winter transfer period.

The source stressed, during his private statements to “Al Watan Sport”, that Ashraf bin Sharqi asked one of the officials of the White Castle to postpone talking about this matter, justifying that it is still too early.

The source indicated that Ashraf bin Sharqi had previously agreed to the renewal, but he requested a financial increase in the contract, but the club’s management wants him to get one million and 400 thousand dollars in one season, which is the same financial value that the player gets at the present time, Except that he was finally rejected.

The source continued: Bin Sharqi owns many Gulf offers and is concealed in them, but he decided to leave in the absence of the financial increase in the contract. .

The source concluded: The club management is considering offering the player for sale during the upcoming transfers, in case he becomes intransigent and refuses to renew it except after increasing him financially and obtaining $ 2 million in the season as requested.

And the team is training to face the Algerian champion

The team continues its collective training at the club’s stadium in Mitt Oqba, in preparation for the MCA meeting scheduled for next April 3 in Algeria, in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League.

Brazilian Arto Oliveira, goalkeeper coach for the first football team of Zamalek Club, led his team’s training today, which witnessed the presence of the trio Mohamed Abu Jabal, Mohamed Awad and Sayed Attia.

The guards’ training witnessed shooting exercises from near and long distances, in addition to cross-ball training, during which the trio appeared at a good technical level.

Sayed Attia, goalkeeper of the first football team at Zamalek Club, underwent individual training on the sidelines of the ball’s division.

And he adopted the French Patrice Carteron The technical director of the team is on the duo Muhammad Abu Jabal and Muhammad Awwad as the main guards during the division established by the coaching staff.

Arto Oliveira, the goalkeeper coach, was keen to allocate individual training sessions to Sayed Attia, who was promoted from the ranks of 2001; To increase his technical capabilities.

A division between the players in the middle of the stadium … and Rabih referee

French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team at Zamalek, made a division between the players in the middle of the stadium.

Carteron divided the players into two teams, as the first team was led by Mahmoud Shikabala, along with Marwan Hamdi, Mahmoud Zizou, Islam Jaber, Mahmoud Alaa, Muhammad Hussam Besso, Muhammad Abd al-Shafi, Hazem Imam, Saif Jaafar, Muhammad Abd al-Salam and Husam Ashraf.

The second team, led by Obama, consisted of Muhammad Abd al-Ghani, Reza al-Ameed, Hamid Haddad, Muhammad Ruqa, Ashraf bin Sharqi, Husam Abdul Majid, Ayman Hefni, Hussein Faisal and Hatem Sukkar.

Obamas team won during the division led by Osama Nabih as referee.


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