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6:41 PM | Monday 22nd March 2021

Assistant Fyler is close to the position of Technical Director of the Egypt Clearing House

Filer and his former Al-Ahly device

A responsible source inside the club revealed Egypt clearing On the scenes of the new coach of the club during the coming period, in order to succeed Ihab Jalal Who left the club during the last period, after completing all the details of his transfer to the Ismaili Club after paying the penalty clause to the coach, by Dervish officials in order to correct the team’s position in the Egyptian Premier League table this season.

The source confirmed to “Al-Watan Sport”: “David Seza, the assistant coach of the Swiss Rene Fyler, the former coach of the football first team at Al-Ahly club, is the closest at the present time to succeeding Ibhab Jalal in the Egyptian Clearing Club during the coming period officially.”

Mohamed Abdel-Azim and Siza are fighting over the succession of Ihab Jalal

He pointed out: “Mohamed Abdel-Azim” Great “is the other strong candidate to succeed Ihab Jalal, and the matter will be resolved in the next few hours officially, and the announcement of the technical director of the club’s first football team during the coming period.

Ihab Jalal, artistic director of the dervishes

The Ismaili Club announced, during the past few hours, that the contract had been completed with Ihab Galal, the coach of the first football team, the former clearing Egypt, after agreeing on all the details of the penalty clause in his contract with the management of the Fayoumi club.

The Maqsas Club is currently in sixth place in the Egyptian Premier League table, with 24 points.

The first football team of the Masr Al-Maqsas club continues its collective training in preparation for the next stage in the Egyptian Premier League competition, in light of the current international suspension due to the Egyptian national team, which is scheduled to play two matches against Comoros and Kenya in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, Cameroon 2021.


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