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4:01 PM | Tuesday 23 March 2021

Attack, crisis and wholesale losses ... a time bomb in Al-Ahly because of Mosimane

Pitso Mosimane

The past weeks witnessed a phenomenon within the ranks of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, after the renewed injuries of a number of the team’s stars, which caused them to be kept out of the stadiums for long periods, which raised questions, and opened a wave of accusations against South Africa Pitso Mosimane And the medical device of the team, headed by Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla.

The crisis began in the final of the century that brought Al-Ahly and Zamalek together at the end of last year, in the African Champions League, after the injury of Junior Ajay, the team’s player, after insisting on his participation in the meeting, despite his incomplete recovery from the ankle sprain injury that he was suffering from, to miss 11 A match with the red team.

The insistence on the participation of Walid Suleiman prevented him from participating in the World Cup

Last January, Walid Suleiman, the player of the Red Team, worsened, especially during the Al-Ahly game, where the player felt pain in the back muscle during the warm-up process, but the coach Pitso Mosimani insisted on his participation in the meeting, to come out in the 27th minute affected by a torn muscle The background kept him out of action for a month and caused him to be absent from the last Club World Cup.

Ali Maaloul refuses to return before his recovery is complete

The time bomb in the Red Castle did not stop at “Ajay” and “Suleiman”, but extended to the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the left back of the team, after his injury was renewed in the posterior muscle, which made Soheil Al-Shamli, the Tunisian national team doctor come out and confirm that the player’s return to the stadiums is urgent It caused its regeneration.

Pointing Al-Shamali to the finger of blame at the club’s technical and medical staff AhlyBy urgently returning the injured or insisting on playing some of them while they were suffering from muscle pain, this led to a decision not to return Maaloul from Tunisia to Egypt before his recovery was complete, which raised questions about the true reason behind the repeated injuries within the ranks of the red team.


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