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12:10 PM | Wednesday 24 March 2021

Carteron asks to dispense with Zamalek defender

Zamalek team

A source inside the club confirmed Zamalek, That the French Patrice Carteron, The coach of the football first team at Kalaa Bayda, asked to search for the Tunisian offer Hamza Mathlouthi Right back from the team, due to his departure at the end of the current season, or his exit on loan until he regained his normal level since he was in Sfaxien of Tunisia.

The source stressed, during his private statements to “Al Watan Sport”, that Carteron confirmed during his conversation with his auxiliary apparatus and one of the club officials that he is not convinced of the capabilities and level of Hamza Mathlouthi, and he needs a period of time to regain his level, in addition to the many injuries that prevent him from participating as a substitute in some The times.

Zamalek fined Hamza Mathlouthi

The source pointed out that Al-Obeid officials decided to impose a huge financial penalty on the Tunisian player Hamza Mathlouthi, after he was late in arriving in Egypt according to the time set for him, like the rest of the professionals, and recently contacted the technical staff and confirmed that he has family conditions, but it is a justification rejected by the club. White in order for everyone to respect the deadlines that are agreed upon.

The player was notified of a higher penalty if he did not arrive on time, and he will be suspended from participating in the matches, especially since the French coach Patrice Carteron wants to implement strict controls within the team, and apply them to everyone, to restore discipline again.

Zamalek continues its training to face MCA

On the other hand, the team continues its training at the club’s stadium in preparation for the match against Mouloudia of Algeria scheduled for next April 3, and the technical staff imposed a state of seriousness during the programs set to raise fitness and the application of some written sentences in light of the escalation of many youngsters to compensate for the absence of international players.

The coach is currently studying the MCA team at the moment by watching the last matches in order to find out their weaknesses and strengths, and study them well, in light of the importance of the match, which is a life or death for the white team.


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