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11:32 AM | Wednesday 31 March 2021



It seems that next summer will witness surprises in the summer Mercato of the club’s first team football Zamalek In the file of those leaving the White Castle at the end of the current season 2020-2021, especially the French Patrice Carteron, The team’s coach, puts the last frills in his notes on the file of names leaving the White Knight.

“Al-Watan Sport” reviews the most prominent players who have left Zamalek at the end of the season, especially as the team is looking to sign some other players, so it works to clear places by leaving some players, at the request of the French coach.

10 players are candidates to leave Zamalek at the end of the season

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, “Zizou”

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz “Zizou” comes on top of the players slated to leave Zamalek at the end of the season, especially in light of his long absence from the team and his absence from matches due to injury.

Hamza Mathlouthi

Tunisian right-back Hamza Mathlouthi has not succeeded in winning the confidence of his French coach Carteron, who has no convictions for the player, and has previously expressed his desire to leave the White Castle.

Islam Jaber

Islam Jaber did not present a strong level in Zamalek during the last period, which made him the top candidates to leave the White Castle strongly at the end of the season.

Mohammed Awad

It seems that Mohamed Awad, the white goalkeeper at Zamalek, has run out of luck, and he wants to leave the team, given that he did not have the opportunity to participate in the White Castle matches, in light of the brilliance of Muhammad Abu Jabal and Mahmoud Abdel Rahim “Janish”.

Mohammed Abdulsalam

Among the players scheduled to be dispensed with next summer is the defender Mohamed Abdel Salam, especially since he did not appear at a strong level that would make him continue in the White Castle, and there are players better than him in the same position, such as Mahmoud Alaa, Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh, and Mohamed Abdel-Ghani.

Marwan Hamdy

There is no conviction on the part of Carteron about striker Marwan Hamdy, who joined the last winter Mercato from Egypt for clearance, as the French coach believes that he does not need Hamdy in the next season with the team, so the player will be one of the names scheduled to leave the White Knight at the end of the season.

Ayman Hefny

Ayman Hefni is one of the most prominent names in the team at the end of the season, especially since his arrival to the team came in his honor after his request to end his career in Zamalek, but his physical and technical condition does not allow him to continue with the team.

Muhammad Ashraf «Ruqa»

The list of late names from Zamalek includes Mohamed Ashraf Rouqa, especially since the player did not show any signs of sticking to him in the team, and he did not make a strong performance that would make him compete for a seat in the team next season.

Hamid Ahadad

It seems that Hamid Haddad’s days in Zamalek are numbered, as the club management is working to sell him at the end of the season, to clear the way for the deal of the new striker and the closest will be a foreigner.

Ferjani Sassi

Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the team, is among the players nominated to leave Zamalek, especially in light of his refusal to renew the team, due to the financial compensation, and there are Gulf clubs that tempt him with money to leave Zamalek.


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