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6:31 PM | Tuesday 23 March 2021

K that detonates a surprise: We did not consider Abdelhafid and El-Shenawi's quarrel with Referee Nyant

Syed Abdul Hafeez and Niyant

A source within the Discipline Committee of the African Union revealed a surprise about the altercation of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the club’s director of football Ahly And the referee, Aliom Nyant, during Simbas Tanzanian match in the African Champions League, in the match that ended with the loss of Al-Ahly with an unanswered goal, as the end of the match witnessed quarrels between Sayed Abdel Hafeez and Mohamed El-Shennawi, especially after some spoke that the two were waiting for punishment after entering into an argument with Niant.

The source said in statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “The surprise in the matter is that we have not finally considered the arguments against Mohamed El-Shennawi and Sayed Abdel Hafeez with Cameroonian Allium Nyant. We have seen that some have talked about an expected or expected punishment for the two, but there is nothing definitive about the duo.”

The source confirmed during his speech, that the Ethics Committee of the African Union did not consider this shot permanently, pointing out that the third round did not witness any penalties by a large percentage.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez and Mohamed El-Shennawi entered into a violent altercation with the referee, Allium Nyant, due to some decisions during the match that saw Al-Ahly lose with an unanswered goal, and almost worsened Al-Ahmar’s position during the group stage in the Champions League, before he succeeded in defeating the Vita Club outside the ground.

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Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in the African Champions League

In a related context, Al-Ahly is preparing to face Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, where it needs to win in order to formally qualify for the quarter-finals after its victory against Vita Club.


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