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4:00 PM | Wednesday 24 March 2021

Mortada council member admits: Al-Ahly lives by its principles ... and the isolated cause of the Zamalek crisis (dialogue)


– The Zamalek Committee is wronged … and Mortadas Council wronged itself and among the causes of the ruin

– Everyone in Zamalek is running for their own benefit … and the Al-Ahly club is backed

– Carteron’s return is an insult to Zamalek … and the team includes paralysis and two teachers

– Ginsh and Obama decades of disasters … and the renewal of Ferjani in the hands of Zamalek

– Zamalek bid farewell to the African Championship … and I have not regretted the membership of the Council

– Zamalek made a mistake in contracting Mustafa Mohamed .. And the departure of Mohamed Awad is necessary

Amir Mortada succeeded because of his father’s support … and the inclusion of Al-Jaziri was a scandal

No one can deny that Hamada Anwar Member of the club’s board of directors Zamalek The former, a son from the White Castle and associated with a great love for his club, and rose in positions within the White until he reached the membership of the Board of Directors.

“Al-Watan Sport” was keen to conduct a bold dialogue with him, confirming that the White Castle is going through the most difficult circumstances in all aspects, especially the administration file and the ball file, and he talked about his relationship with Murtaza Mansour and his opinion of the dismissal of the Council, the departure of Pacheco and Odeh Carteron And many other matters during the next dialogue, so follow us …

* First of all, what is your evaluation of the performance of the committee that runs Zamalek?

The current temporary committee that runs the Zamalek club headed by General Counselor Imad Abdel Aziz has an excuse, because the financial burdens are very large now and the resources are few, and there are many files at the present time, on top of which are the players’ dues, and therefore the temporary committee is wronged.

* What about the departure of Mortada Mansour’s council?

Mortada Mansour’s council complained, meaning that it was supposed as long as there were violations, the council was given a period to respond to these violations, and also the council wronged itself with many statements and engaging in controversies in the media, and indeed the isolated club president and his council were one of the causes of what is happening inside the White Castle.

* What is your comment on the period the White Castle is currently going through?

Zamalek always suffers from conflicts unlike the traditional rival Al-Ahly, and from the other, Zamalek at length in conflicts, and the boards of directors are always dissolved, while in Al-Ahly there is a system and I admit that because it is clear on the ground and anybody who stands on the line in Al-Ahly will achieve a championship, and unfortunately The futsal games in Zamalek are starting to fall apart and I cannot blame the committee that runs the club.

* What do you mean by conflicts?

No one stands with Zamalek, and everyone classifies each other with and against, and Zamalek is the victim, and on the other the instability will continue because of conflicts over positions and everyone revolves on himself.

* And what do you mean that Al-Ahly club is backed?

Al-Ahly club is backed by its fans, and Al-Ahly is its age. One day the board of directors was not replaced, and the stability of Al-Ahly caused the championships, and from the other all parties support Alahli football club Everyone makes a million accounts for the Red Castle, and Saleh Selim, Hassan Hamdy and Al-Khatib lived on principles because this is Al-Ahly’s policy.

What about the comeback of Carteron?

The return of Carteron is wrong and I think that it is literally an insult to the club, and the temporary committee bears that, because it is not reasonable to return a technical director who escaped responsibility before, and he explained that Essam El-Hadary, Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan were dying and returning Al-Ahly and are not known, so these are the true principles.

* Do you see that the return of Carteron has negative aspects?

Certainly, the player will not respect him because he will never be able to blame a player for anything, and we must remember that he was the reason for losing the Champions League before, and I am against his return permanently, and the departure of Pacheco was wrong and the team paid the price.

What about the renewal of Ferjani Sassi?

Ferjani Sassi’s requests are fundamentally exaggerated in financial terms and there is a specific financial policy for each club and a contract ceiling, and I see that the club is free in what it demands, and the player sees that his capabilities are valued at this value and the subject is in the hands of Zamalek, whether by renewing him or dispensing with it.

* Do you see that Zamalek has become the Chelsea team?

Quite frankly, it is clear on the stadium during the matches that there are strong positions within the team, and if the player is constantly taking her rights, nobody will be able to speak, but difficult financial matters are a main reason for the existence of a state of embarrassment within the team, and the lack of trust between the players and the temporary committee, and this is difficult and he explained that there is Catastrophic mistakes in recently renewed player contracts, most notably Jensh and Obama, and disastrous penalties were imposed.

** Everyone was surprised by a dues crisis after the departure of Mortada’s council .. What is your comment?

Indeed, there was a crisis of entitlements, but stability was present and the team’s problems disappeared and the players stopped talking about the dues, because they got a lot of Mortadas days away from their dues.

* Do we regret your being a member of the Zamalek Council?

I don’t regret my membership in the council, and my age was not counted as someone, and Murtada Mansour Mashani in 2014 from the club, said Ali, son of Mamdouh Abbas, and he explained that I am the son of the club and not the son of people.

* Did Zamalek leave the African Championship?

Zamalek, by a large percentage, was eliminated from the African Championship, but I hope that the team will perform in a distinguished way in the remaining matches so that the exit is honorable.

** What about the departure of Mustafa Muhammad?

I support Mustafa Muhammed’s professionalism, but I think that his contract is wrong, and Al-Abyad should have benefited from his departure more, and from the other, Zamalek did not benefit financially from the departure of Mustafa Muhammad, and Mustafa should carry the club’s interest on his shoulders and raise the percentage of the white in the event that he sells to the Turkish team The favor is given to his club.

* Do you agree with the departure of Muhammad Awad?

I was with the departure of Mohamed Awad, the goalkeeper of the team, even if on loan, even if without compensation, because he would save large sums for the club, and he would have renewed an additional season before leaving, and unfortunately he did not leave and currently I hope for his departure at the end of the season.

What about Shikabala?

Shikabala, the club captain and amulet for the Zamalek fans, has a very big role with the team in the current period and can reunite the players, and he explained that the contract with Saif El-Din Al-Jaziri from the contractors is a scandal in the full sense of the word, because it was not restricted to Africa and therefore the team will not benefit from it.

* What is your message to the symbols of Zamalek?

I see that the role of the icons with the club was supposed to be better and greater than that, and frankly, in the symbols of many who abandoned the club and did not support it, and we see their love and adoration for the club on paper.

What about your message to the Minister of Sports?

Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Sports, is a respected figure in the full sense of the word, and I tell him the fans of Zamalek are upset with you, and no one knows who you are, and your decision on the surface is wrong, but as I said, no one knows the internal matters.

* What does Murtaza Mansour mean for you?

He has what he has and what he owes, and I will not say more than that.

* And Amir Mortada?

He succeeded because of the support of his father, Mortada Mansour, and Amir had clear and explicit powers, and had they been provided to anyone else, he would have achieved the same successes.


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