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10:21 AM | Wednesday 24 March 2021

Officially .. the former Al-Ahly coach, as technical director of the Egyptian clearance

Egypt clearing

Walid Huwaidi, the club’s ball supervisor, confirmed Egypt clearing that Muhammad is greatThe former coach of Al-Ahly Club took over the training mission of the Egyptian Clearinghouse, succeeding the former coach Ihab Galal, who apologized for completing his career with the Fayoumi team in order to train Ismaili Club in the coming period, to save the team from relegation to the second division league, especially that the Dervish team is suffering From a great misfortune and a decline in results since the beginning of the current season, as the team ranks seventeenth with 11 points from 16 games in the league.

Walid Huwaidi: The board of directors of the clearing Egypt chose Mohamed Azima

Walid Huwaidi, the football supervisor at the Maqsat Misr Club, said through the media program “Ahmed Schubert” on “On Sport” radio: “Mohamed Azima, the new coach of Egypt Al-Maqsas to succeed Captain Ihab Jalal.”

Walid Huwaidi, football supervisor at the Maqasat Misr Club, explained that “the board of directors of the clearing Egypt has chosen Mohamed Azima to train the team because they want to coach the same school as Ihab Galal.”

The football supervisor at the Maqsat Misr Club indicated that Mohamed Azima will sign contracts for the clearing-house team on Saturday or next Sunday, especially as he lives in Germany, pointing out that the club left us debts amounting to 64 million pounds.

Clearing Egypt lost to the National Bank

The Egypt Clearing Team lost to Al-Ahly Bank by three goals to a goal in the friendly match between the two teams, yesterday, Tuesday, as part of the two teams’ preparations for the return of the Egyptian Premier League, after the Egyptian national team played two matches against Kenya and Comoros in the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon. .

The National Bank of Egypt trilogy scored by Muhammad Fakhri, Karim Bambo and Ahmed Shorweda, and the National Bank team missed a large number of players in today’s match, such as Muhammad Majdi, Muhammad Bassiouni, Shadi Radwan, Ahmed Yasser, Mahmoud Al-Zanfali and Osama Ibrahim, who is infected with the Corona virus.


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