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10:37 AM | Monday 22nd March 2021

Schubert: “K” excludes Simba from the CAF Champions League in one case

Simba and Mars

The journalist Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Football Association, spoke about the scenes of the crisis between Al-Merrikh, the Sudanese and Simba, the Tanzanian. It also includes Al-Ahly and the Congolese Vita Club, and the Tanzanian team guaranteed its qualification for the next round, two rounds before the end of the group stage in African Champions League.

وقال Ahmed SchubertOn his radio program on Radio “On Sport FM”, the Confederation of African Football.Adequate“Simba, the Tanzanian team, will be excluded in one case.

Simbas manipulating Mars samples knock them out of the CAF Champions League

“Schubert” added that if it was proved that Simba had tampered with samples of a team Sudanese Mars, CAF will decide to exclude them from the African competition.

The former Al-Ahly and Egyptian goalkeeper explained that the Sudanese club, Al-Merrikh, made a swab for all the players who were denied their services, in the face Simba TanzanianIt seems to be infected with a virus CoronaAnd all their samples were found to be negative.

Schubert wishes to change the date of the Al-Ahly and Al-Merreikh match

In another context, Ahmed Schubert expressed his surprise at the date of the match between Al-Merrikh and Al-Ahly in Sudan, as it was revealed that it would be played at three in the afternoon.

“Schubert” declared that he had not watched a match that would be held at 3 pm in Sudan, hoping that there would be a mistake in the date of the match, or that the date would be changed in an appropriate time in light of the high weather.

It is noteworthy that the fourth round saw Simba, Tanzania, beat Al-Merrikh, Sudan, by three without a response, while Al-Ahly defeated the Vita Club in the Congo by the same score.

The Tanzanian team, Simba, tops the first group ranking with ten points, followed by Al-Ahly with 7 points, then Vita Club in third place with 4 points, and finally Al-Merrikh is at the bottom of the standings with one point.


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