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09:44 AM | Tuesday 30th March 2021

Sources: Amr Al-Soleya refuses to move to Tunisia's Esperance

Amr Al-Soulia, Al-Ahly midfielder

Informed sources inside the club revealed AhlyThe truth about the departure of Amr Al-Souley, the midfielder of the first team, to Tunisias Esperance, during the coming period, after the recent news confirming the Tunisian club’s interest in making an offer to join Al-Soliya after the end of the African Champions League tournament, the current version, and playing in the Tunisian league, especially after He appeared in a more than wonderful level with the red genie during the last period.

The sources said, that Amr Al-Sulayyah, He never thinks about leaving Al-Ahly, during the coming period, and his great focus with the red giant to achieve more local and African championships.

Amr Al-Soulia is heading to renew Al-Ahly

The sources confirmed that the Al-Ahly midfielder has not received any official offers during the last period to leave the Red Castle, and that he is about to renew his contract with Al-Ahly for a new period.

And he continued: “Amr Al-Soliya has a great desire to stay in Al-Ahly for the longest period, and he did not hint at leaving the Red Castle during the last period, especially since the team is doing well at the local and African level, and has big dreams of winning the Champions League, the current version, and playing in the Cup. The world of clubs ».

Hamdo Al-Huni enters Al-Ahly’s accounts

And some Tunisian reports revealed that the Esperance team entered into strong negotiations with Al-Ahly players to sign them during the upcoming summer transfers, especially the junior duo Ajay and Amr Al-Souley, provided that the negotiations will continue after the end of the current African competition.

It is worth noting that Hamdou Al-Houni, the Esperance player, was associated with moving to Al-Ahly, next summer, to strengthen the ranks of the Red Genie, especially in light of the good level that he appeared with the blood and gold team, and his scoring a goal against Zamalek, in the match that brought the two teams together in the round Fourth of the group stage of the African Champions League.


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