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11:10 AM | Tuesday 23 March 2021

Surprise .. Zamalek stadium rent for 5 pounds


Established the temporary committee that runs the club ZamalekHeaded by Major General Counselor Imad Abdel Aziz, many controls regarding the White Fort’s five-a-side stadiums; The sports affairs sector of the club was keen to publish the decision of the temporary committee that runs the club, regarding the rent of the five-a-side football fields.

The lease of Stadium No. 1, stage from 6 years to 12 years, was decided for 12 people for half an hour at 5 pounds per person, while stadium No. 2, stage from 13 years to 20 years, 12 people for half an hour, at 5 pounds per person.

At the same time, it was decided to rent stadium No. 3, the stage of elderly people over 20 years old, the number of 12 people for a full hour at a rate of 10 pounds per person, provided that these decisions are to be implemented as of next Thursday and with precedence of reservation

Zamalek faces MC Algeria

In another context, the club’s first football team is preparing for the match of Mouloudia Algeria, scheduled for next April 3, in the fifth round of the African Champions League group tournament.

It is expected that members of the administrative apparatus of Zamalek will travel to Algeria on March 29, two days before the team’s travel, in order to arrange the conditions for the residence hotel and the training ground, to overcome any obstacles before the arrival of the mission.

Carteron reduces training load

French Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek, eases the training load on players during yesterday’s training; The players took a training session consisting of light jogging on a small part of the field and a short distance sprint, under the supervision of Fernando, load planner, and Ahmed Ismat, assistant load coach.

And without “securing” the physical matters of the players, to be presented to the technical staff, in accordance with the instructions of the Frenchman Carteron, The team’s coach.


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