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02:38 PM | Tuesday 30th March 2021

The coach of the guards of the national team announces the injury of Mohamed El-Shennawi

Mohamed El-Shenawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper

He said Ayman Taher Egypt goalkeeper coach, IN Mohammed Al Shinnawy The goalkeeper of the first football team of Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, felt the injury during his participation with the Egyptian national team against the Comoros Islands, in the match yesterday, Monday, which ended with the victory of the Pharaohs by four clean goals, at Cairo Stadium, in the sixth and final round of the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup Cameroon 2022.

Ayman Taher said, in radio statements on the “El Haref” program with Walid Salah El-Din, on “On Sport FM” radio: “Muhammad Al-Shennawi felt slight pain in yesterday’s meeting, after the end of the first half, and as soon as we were informed, we preferred to rest him and descend his army, so as not to aggravate. His injury, especially that the Pharaohs scored four goals during the first half, and he will undergo a medical examination within hours to resolve his absence.

He continued: “I saw someone who reduces the team’s choices and is sad about not choosing it. It does not mean that you played more than a good match to join the national team, for that is not a definitive indication.”

Ayman Taher: Surprised by the criticism of Hossam El-Badry’s device

Ayman Taher touched on the criticisms against the national team, stressing: “There is a case in which Hossam Al-Badry’s apparatus is lying in wait, and he was completely surprised by that. Since this apparatus assumed responsibility for the national team, it has been criticized even though it is a purely Egyptian device. ».

The Football Association congratulates the fans and demands that they continue to support their country’s national team to achieve their hopes

The Egyptian Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid, congratulated the masses of Egyptian football on qualifying their national team for African nations by leading the top of their group, with a big victory over the Comoros national team, with 4 clean goals.

The Egyptian Football Association confirmed that the real happiness with this result is due to the return of the spirit to the national team and its stars, which makes congratulations connected to the technical staff led by Hossam El-Badry and all the players who were responsible and presented the happiest performance of the Egyptian football fans.


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