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09:43 AM | Tuesday 23 March 2021

They say .. Sassi's departure, Ramadan Sobhi’s transfer to Zamalek, and “Hafez” rejects Al-Ahly

Ramadan Sobhi, Al-Ahly player

“They say” … a news service provided by “Al Watan Sport” to its followers every morning, during which it reviews the most prominent statements of sports stars, and their handling of many different files, whether related to local competitions (Egyptian League, Egyptian Super Cup, Egyptian Super), or at the continental level. In the African Champions League, in which the leaders and runners-up of the league compete, the Confederation of Africa, or club support in the transfer market.

Ferjani Sassi, a step away from the Qatari dam

Sports critic Ahmed Owais resolved the controversy over Ferjani Sassi’s fate with Zamalek, by stressing that the Tunisian player had decided his position to leave, and decided to move to the ranks of Al-Duhail, Qatar, after he entered within his circle of interests during the recent period: “Ferjani finished all the details with Al-Duhail, Qatar, but If Al-Duhail offered $ 2 million, and Zamalek offered $ 1.8 million, it would continue with Zamalek. Details of the news from here

Karim Hafez refuses to return to Al-Ahly at the present time

Karim Hafez, a player of the Turkish Malatya Sport team, welcomed the idea of ​​returning to the ranks of Al-Ahly again, but he prefers to complete his professional mission at the present time, to postpone the decision to return again, which prompted him to reject the offer of the red giant to join him earlier: «Return to the club Al-Ahly is honored to wear the team’s jersey, but I hope that will happen after a while, not now. Details of the news from here

The financial crisis is behind the departure of Mustafa Muhammad to Turkey

Alex Costa, assistant coach of Portuguese Jimmy Pacheco, who was recently dismissed from the White Knight Technical Department, blamed Mustafa Muhammad’s departure from the team and the move to the Turkish League, on the shoulders of the former White Castle management: “The White Club management is responsible for the departure of the former Zamalek striker, from In order to provide cash liquidity to the White Club’s treasury, in light of the major crisis that the club faced after the departure of the previous council. Details of the news from here

Carteron decides the fate of Ramadan Sobhi’s move to Zamalek

A source inside Zamalek revealed the truth about the White Castle negotiations to include Ramadan Sobhi, during the coming period, indicating that the approach of the former Al-Ahly player to the white team will be in the hands of French Patrice Carteron, the White Knight’s technical director: “The coach’s vision is the basis, and he is a player with him. He is currently in a club, and in the event that things become possible from the financial and technical aspects to see Carteron actually, we will enter into negotiations to include the player. Details of the news from here

Al-Ahly reveals the secret of Mohamed Marjan’s sudden departure from the club

The Legal Committee of the Al-Ahly Club revealed the reasons for the departure of Muhammad Marjan from his position in the Red Castle, during the last hours, indicating that his presence may cause a situation of conflict of interest: “Because of the combination of the two positions in the club and the company, because this happens simultaneously in which there is a conflict For the interests, as well as for the partnership that exists between the two parties through the economic unity project. Details of the news from here


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