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08:44 PM | Wednesday 24 March 2021

Urgent .. Zamalek is looking into the truth about Ferjani Sassi's signature for Al-Duhail and threatening him with a freeze

Ferjani Sassi, Zamalek player

Looking for club officials Zamalek At the moment the truth about the Tunisian signature Ferjani SassiThe player of the first team for a Gulf club, as reported during the past hours, especially since the player officially ends his contract with the White Club at the end of the current season and has the right to renew any team currently and move to it for free in the new season.

According to a source inside the club, he said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “We do not know the secret of these rumors at the present time, especially as it was repeated by the player’s signature to one of the clubs and we have already spoken with him. Currently”.

Zamalek is looking for Ferjani Sassi’s signature to Al-Duhail

The source added: “We are currently looking at the player’s signature for the Qatari team, Al-Duhail, as it was reported, and if this is proven, the player will be subjected to penalties up to a freeze until his contract expires, especially since in this case the club is not respected, although from a legal point of view he is currently entitled to sign. But he recently spoke that he is focusing with the team and wants to renew.

The source stressed: “The relationship between the club and the player is distinguished, and everyone must know this, because Sassi respects his contract well until the end, but the idea of ​​signing for another team will stir rumors among the fans, especially since Zamalek is a big club and its fans are in the millions, and everyone must respect that.”

Zamalek communicates with Ferjani Sassi’s agent

Zamalek had contacted Muhannad Aoun, the player’s agent, during the presence of the white team in Tunisia to face Esperance in the third round of the African Champions League, which the Whites lost by three goals for one goal, in order to renew the player’s contract, but did not reach a final agreement so far to renew the player’s contract.


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