Hossam Al-Badri: Qualifying for the World Cup is our next task.


Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the Egyptian national team, confirmed that there are no differences between the members of the technical staff of the national team or any player in the team, explaining the rumors that affected Muhammad Al-Nani before the Comoros match. Al-Badri said in statements to the “B On Time” program: Things are very normal and distinct with the device. The technician and the players, and Nani asked me to come out to clarify things before the Comoros meeting, but I refused and asked him not to occupy his mind with this talk and focus on the match, and if there is an element that caused disagreements in the team, I will not remain silent and will not continue with me or I will not summon him in the first place, and the same thing with regard to the device Artwork.

And about the objection of Mohamed Ibrahim, the player of Ceramica, to his exclusion from The Elect Al-Badri said: Mohamed Ibrahim is a distinguished player, but I generally do not like the player who talks about marketing himself or joining the national team, and as long as you talk a lot, this means you are out of focus.

He continued, speaking about Mohamed Salah’s commitment: Mohamed Salah is a role model and a wonderful example in everything. We saw his performance yesterday, his relationship with the players and his responsibility towards the team and he had a very great influence in the match and he is happy with the whole group and every time that passes, very important positive things happen individually and collectively and at the end of the camp I value things Many other than the result like players and characters and I might give up on some elements again according to my opinion.

Wasel: I do not like the players who join the camp and demand to participate or know the reason for the exclusion, this is not my best.

He concluded: Qualification For the World Cup Our biggest goal and we have a group capable of realizing the hopes of the Egyptians and we took the World Cup, and we ask for the support of the media and the masses, and we strive and strive to achieve this dream.


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