Hossam Al-Badri reveals the truth about the crisis of Al-Nani: The door to the national team is open to everyone


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Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the national team, expressed his happiness at the wide victory achieved by the Pharaohs at the expense of the Comoros Islands.

Hossam Al-Badri said during televised remarks, that the victory over the Comoros was necessary in order to end the team’s campaign in the qualifiers at the top of the group, before entering the World Cup qualifiers.

He added, “The conclusion of the last stage by qualifying for Kan and achieving a positive result was my most important goal. The psychological and physical condition of the players and the lack of time was a reason for the retreat of the team’s results at the beginning of the qualifiers.”

“The team performs better in the second match in all of its camps, and this indicates how important harmony is during the camps, and matters improved with the players’ readiness, the resumption of the league and the emergence of the basic strength of the team,” he said.

He continued, saying: “I said that I was wronged because of work amid the pressures, and the great difficulties that we are exposed to successively during the national team rallies, but we succeeded in overcoming the difficulties and achieving our goals .. I included Mahmoud Kahraba in 2019 despite his lack of participation, due to my need for him in the Spearhead Center. , And my technical position on his inclusion was not analyzed properly, and the player was in my accounts before he was suspended by Al-Ahly management.

He also talked about his crisis with Muhammad al-Nani, saying: “Everything reported by the media is incorrect, and it is surprising that the media has dealt with this issue in this way, and we must always speak logically and calmly and always cooperate to solve problems and not export them.” Driving in favor of his colleague Mohamed Salah.

He continued, “I contacted Hamdi Fathi to check on his health, and she refused to take risks with a number of injured players, such as Zizou and Ayman Ashraf, while I refused not to summon Ahmed Hassan Coca until his recovery is complete, but the player is with us and will not be excluded if he is ready.”

Hossam Al-Badri also stressed his extreme anger at what happened to the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, after the Egypt and Comoros meeting, and the crowd gathered around him in this disturbing way.

Hossam Al-Badri extended a special greeting to the player Mohamed Magdy Afsha and what he presented with the national team during the Kenya and Comoros matches, stressing that the presence of a lone playmaker in the last camp of the national team is just an artistic vision.

Hossam Al-Badri opened the team’s door to everyone, including the players who had expressed a great objection to not being included in the last camp, explaining that it was always about the player with a strong personality who endures pressures, calling on all players to work hard and diligently with their teams, but without talking about their right to join the Egyptian team. Because it is inconceivable for the player to choose himself from the national team.

He pointed out, “I need at least three or two weeks before the June camp, to gather the local players and play a friendly match before the international halt.” In order to prepare well for the international stop in June .. There are great motives for us, and we are heading for a difficult stage of competing in the World Cup qualifiers. I trust the players and the capabilities of the auxiliary apparatus. We wish success and qualify for the World Cup.

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