Hours after his marriage, a tragic end for a man as a result of a wrong medical diagnosis


The health conditions of a man in his thirties worsened rapidly hours before his wedding due to a wrong diagnosis of swelling in his face, as he and his fiancee believed that it was a dental problem, and after going to several doctors, the last of them referred him to another doctor.

According to the newspaper «Mirror »The British doctor diagnosed a swollen face Jerry Collins 30 years old, diagnosed with cancer after conducting tests, and despite this shocking discovery, the two betrothed They decided to marry in the hospital’s intensive care ward.

The man in his thirties died hours after his marriage, as his health deteriorated rapidly due to cancer, although he initially thought it was a dental problem or a mumps disease, and accordingly he made a number of visits to the doctors.

His wife, Andrew Godfrey Collins, expressed her grief after they both mistakenly thought his swollen face was a simple matter, commenting:“I was in shock when I had to arrange his funeral. Jerry left a big void, for he was all my life.”


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