Hours after the success of Egypt … a cargo ship stranded in the Aaron River in Britain


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The British Mail Online newspaper reported that the stranding of a 260-foot-long cargo ship (about 79 meters) while crossing a river in western Sussex earlier today, triggered comparisons with the accident caused by the container ship “Ever Giffen” in the Suez Canal that It lasted a week.

The newspaper pointed out that the ship anchored in a sloping position on the Aaron River and drifted 100 feet before drifting down the muddy course of the river.

The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the port of Littlehampton in Sussex as saying that the ship, called “Elise”, was flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda and arrived at the port from Antwerp in Belgium to unload its cargo. It is still able to pass through a narrow gap in the west bank of the river. Injuries or contamination.

According to the port authorities, the ship restarted its machines at high tide without the need for intervention, and two boats were photographed pushing the ship safely back to its normal position in the port.

The newspaper pointed out that when compared to the 220,000-ton Ever Geffen ship, we find that it required 13 tugboats and dredged nearly 30,000 cubic meters of sand on the bank of the Suez Canal.

A spokesman for the port of Littlehampton, Sussex, noted that the ship will float again with high tide and the goal is to then return it to an alternate dock at high water, stressing that the river is currently still open for navigation of all vehicles, given that there is enough space to move between the ship and the West Bank.

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