How do you discover aliens? .. Scientists suggest a way to find them


If astronomers were observing Earth from another solar system, could they discover that our planet has life? This is the question recently proposed by researchers, confirming that extraterrestrials can be found by examining the Earth in the same way we look at the outer planets. This will enable us to improve the chances of discovering alien beings in distant worlds.

According to the site “space“Since 1999, the process of discovering exoplanets has revealed thousands of worlds by measuring the transient decreases in the brightness of the stars around which the planets revolve.

But no one knows whether or not these worlds host life, but if scientists look at Earth in the same way, they will likely discover the ultimate signatures of life.

Also, once these signatures have been determined from Earth observations, experts can then search for those same clues in exoplanets.

Scientists recently described this approach as a concept called a task Earth Transit Observer (ETO) They presented it on March 17th at the 52nd Congress of Lunar and Planetary Sciences 2021.

The size and temperature of the host star, and how close or far away the planet is to the star provide further clues about the suitability of life on an exoplanet.

The transits of a planet around its star can also refer to the atmosphere of an exoplanet, as during transit, the star’s light flows through the atmospheric particles that absorb certain frequencies, and by looking at the Earth, more may be discovered and we are close to finding any aliens, if any. On these planets.


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