How do you do it? … How to digitally sign a PDF


Not many people have a printer or scanner, and with so many people working from home, something as simple as signing a document can get difficult, but there are currently ways to get you to do this digitally at PDFWhere we offer you, according to the websiteBusiness insiderHow to sign a file PDF using .Adobe Acrobat Reader

It contains Adobe Acrobat Reader, Which is a demo program PDF Most commonly, an electronic signature method works with both personal computers and PCs Mac.

1. Right-click or tap and hold Ctrl, On a file PDF You want to sign, move your mouse pointer over “Open With,” and press “Adobe Acrobat Reader“.

2. Click the icon Fill & Sign.

3. Click “Signature”, then click “Add Signature”. If you want to add your initials instead, click “Add Initials”.

4. In the field that appears, you have the option to write or draw your signature with the mouse or upload a picture of it. Click on the option you prefer and fill in your signature, and when done, click “Apply”.

5. Click on the place where you want your signature to appear, it will be recorded as its own field on a file PDFYou can then resize and reposition the signature as needed.

6. When finished, be sure to save the file PDF In order not to lose your work, you’ll want to save a file PDF With a new name to distinguish your signed copy from the unsigned copy.


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