How Do You Do It? … How to get the PowerPoint design feature for creating professional presentations


Prepare PowerPoint Designer A feature found in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPointIt uses artificial intelligence to help you choose attractive and relevant layouts, images and designs, and appears in a pane on the right-hand side of the screen and consistently offers suggestions about how your slides will look.

According to the site “business insider“, We monitor how to get a designer PowerPoint, Then it merged PowerPoint Designer In the application Microsoft PowerPoint For desktop and doesn’t need to be installed, available if you subscribe to Microsoft 365, But if you have a standalone version of Microsoft PowerPoint, The designer will not be available in the desktop application.

How to enable the feature:

1. In an application PowerPoint On the desktop, click “File”, then click “Options.”

2. In the “Options” dialog box PowerPoint, Make sure you are on the General tab and then search for Designer PowerPoint, And tap both checkboxes to enable the feature to make suggestions.

3. Click “OK” to close the “Options” window.

4. If the Design Ideas pane is not open, click “Design” in the ribbon and then click “Design Ideas” in the design bar, and the pane should now appear.

You can also use the feature in a web browser at PowerPoint Online If you have an account Microsoft OneDrive Or an accountSharePoint Online

AndAlso available in the mobile app for devices iPad And Android tablets and Windows tablets.


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