How do you do it? .. How to sign your name in a PDF file on an iPhone or Android phone


If you are using an iPhone or Android device, and you want to digitally sign a PDF file, you will need to download an application called Adobe Fill & Sign, which is available in most app stores, and contains a brief tutorial on how to use its services, and here we monitor you according to what the site said. business insider “steps with which you can digitally sign.

1. Install Adobe Fill & Sign on your mobile device, and once installed, launch the application by clicking on it.

2. Sign in to your Adobe account, or register for an account if you do not already have one.

3. Click on the PDF you want to sign.

4. On the toolbar towards the top of the screen, click the icon that looks like a pen. When the menu appears, press “Create signature”.

5. Using your finger or stylus, sign the screen in the appropriate field, and when done, press “Done”.

6. Click on the area where you want to put your signature, then click on your signature in the upper-right corner of the screen. After that, you can change the size of your signature and move it on the document.


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