How to do it How to make your internet speed faster?


Internet download speeds over 25 Mbps are fast, and to be considered a fast internet connection for four or more simultaneous users and devices, you will definitely need more than 25 Mbps, bearing in mind that your internet speed is constantly changing, depending on several reasons we monitor To you, according to “business insider”.

These reasons include how close you are to the router, the number of devices on the network, and the amount of data it is currently using.

How to make internet speed faster?

If you find that your internet speeds are lagging, but you do not want a new internet plan or new equipment, there are some things you can do to help increase your internet speed:

• Unplug and turn off devices you don’t use. In the digital age, we often have multiple devices ready, but connecting them all and running them in the background can slow down your internet speed.

• How far away you and your devices are from the router or modem can affect the speed and stability of your connection. Remove walls, appliances, building materials, and other obstacles in your home from between you and the Wi-Fi signal.

Restart and update devices regularly. Sometimes, the problem is not related to your connection, so be sure to restart your devices regularly, and also make sure that your applications, consoles, and computers are updated, and do the same with antivirus programs, drivers, and firmware , Computer and device software, this will help clear system errors and get it running or running at full speed.


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