How to protect yourself from exposure to real estate fraud? “Housing” answers


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Omar commented the spokesman for the Ministry of Housing’s speech, on the ads Real estate The misleading that was spotted on social media during the recent period, explaining ways to avoid exposure to real estate fraud, in addition to how the citizen would deal with the matter if he was exposed to real estate fraud.

“Khattab” said during a telephone interview on the “Good Morning Egypt” program broadcast on the “Al-Oula” channel: “There are a number of bodies documented in the New Urban Communities Authority of the Ministry of Housing, which citizens can go to to make sure the purchase is correct, but also Required to make more effort by asking about the real estate company and its papers and licenses before completing the purchase.

He added, “The matter is no longer difficult, as the national road network has become flexible and fast moving, thus enabling the citizen to reach the places where the property is located in which the citizen leads the citizen to buy a housing unit in it, or visit the real estate company’s headquarters, and verify it easily.” To the necessity that the citizen not be satisfied with communicating with the real estate police through the phone or social media only.

He explained: “Citizens can also communicate with any documented authority, such as the official page of the Ministry Housing», And the official page of the Urban Communities Authority, in addition to the numbers assigned to complaints, with the possibility of going to the New Administrative Capital and the Urban Communities Authority to verify the project license that is submitted to buy from».

And in the event that the citizen is indeed exposed to the real estate fraud, he explained, “In this case, the citizen turns to the unified complaints system that is characterized by the speed of interaction in these situations, if it is proven that a real estate company has been swindling by exploiting the names of other ministries’ projects, and it is also possible to go to the police or the Consumer Protection Agency.” Noting that such things affect the Egyptian real estate market and citizens’ investments in real estate.

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