How to solve router running out of Ethernet ports?


Why are there only four Ethernet ports on a router? And how can anyone live and thrive with such a tiny amount of wired network connection? These are questions that may arise in some minds if their router runs out of Ethernet ports and populates a boom in home electronic devices.

Ethernet ports on computers

Most desktop computers have a built-in Ethernet port that is used to connect the device to a wired network. The built-in Ethernet port connects to the computer to the user’s internal Ethernet network adapter, called the Ethernet card attached to the motherboard.

TheNextWeb provided a simple solution to this problem:

The user has to switch the network, via the network switch and it is a box that he must connect to his router, and in this box there is a set of Ethernet ports. And you can connect more things to the Ethernet ports.

The report said that users who own, for example, a set of home equipment, a NAS drive, Apple TV, Bluesound audio streaming equipment, Xbox Series X, and others require that they be connected to the router for optimum performance and do not have a desire to connect wirelessly, but it is no longer a problem – and it is up to switch the network.

But they need to make sure they have a network key and not a network distributor.

And although a network switch, also known as an Ethernet hub, does not allow an increase in the number of wired connections that you can make to your router, the network switch does.

All you have to do is connect the network switch to your router and connect more devices to it, which gives you access to a full load of wired connections in your home or office simply.

In the event that you exit the Ethernet ports and want to switch, and you have a choice of choosing between “managed” and “unmanaged” network switches,

Managed switching allows you to change settings like quality of service, traffic levels, and channel priorities, but unmanaged switching doesn’t.

When choosing a managed switch, it allows the user to plug and play, but some find the idea of ​​paying a bit more in case more customization options are needed in the future too tempting.

There are also some other options that the user must take and it is also related to the number of additional Ethernet ports that he wants the network adapter to have, there is a group of well-reputed companies that manufacture network adapters and can provide them as most of the major manufacturers of network equipment will make solid switches for the home.


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