How to update PS4 game using disc to PS5 in 6 steps


Almost every PS4 game can be played on the PS5, and some of the biggest PS4 games can also be updated to run with better graphics and frame rates.These specific updates are known as next-generation updates, and most of them can be unlocked for free, but not every game can be updated, even for those who You can talk to them, they won’t all hold your saved data.

And according to “business insider”, all updated games should be characterized by increased frame rates, faster loading times and better resolution, and you can update these games whether you have the physical disk or only the digital version, and here we offer you how to do that using the disk.

Note that this will only be possible if you purchase the PS5 Standard Edition, as the digital edition cannot play discs.

1. Log in to your PlayStation account on the PS5.

2. Insert the PS4 disc into the PS5 console disc slot.

3. Go to PlayStation Game Hub, and locate the game you just entered.

4. Select “Free PS5 Upgrade”, which should be on the top right of the screen.

5. Choose “Free” to the left of the purchase price icon.

6. Click “Accept” to confirm your free purchase.

7. You can download now, and once done, start playing.

Also, when playing updated PS4 disc games, you’ll always need to insert your PS4 disc, regardless of whether you have a digital copy of the game.


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