“Hugs” and “Prayers” … the most important searches during the Google lockdown of Corona


Google released some search trends that spanned over the past twelve months, which showed the following indicators. Some positive terms such as “hope”, “hug” and “prayer” have reached their peak in Google searches in 2020, in addition to panic attacks from the epidemic, and that At the expense of words such as “party” and “festival” thanks to the closure of Corona, a year after the start of the first closure of the Corona virus,.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, searches for “hope”, “hugs” and “prayer” were significantly higher in 2020 than they were in most years, especially “hug”, where people lost the opportunity to approach family and friends. .

The results also paint a picture of psychological well-being, with searches for “panic attack” and “how to help” to a new level as well.

Trends data revealed that terms related to socializing and exiting saw a record low drop throughout the year, with the lockdown first starting in March 2020, and included terms such as ‘party’, ‘festival’ and ‘travel visa.

The increase in the number of people searching for “puppy”, “barbecue”, “books” and “hot tub” is all the things that users have sought during the pandemic.

Google also found that over the past twelve months the question “When will the lockdown end?” It was searched 165% more in the United Kingdom than the question “When will the Coronavirus end?”

Studies have shown that during the early days of lockdown, people had difficulty falling asleep, but at the same time they had dreams more intensely.

This year, search data revealed that the Corona virus topped the list of search terms in most parts of the world, with symptoms of the Corona virus also appearing.

Google also tracks the researchers and their questions, and finds “How do you make a face mask?” “How to make hand sanitizer” tops the list of question searches, and other questions included how to make bread, test for coronavirus, and how to cut your hair.


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