Hunting Houbara: How did the journeys of the Gulf princes begin to gain this bird in Pakistan?


  • Saher Baloch
  • BBC – Urdu Service

A group of fishermen from Abu Dhabi, in the late 1980s, photographed in Bisni

Photo released, Haji Hanif

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A group of fishermen from Abu Dhabi in the late eighties of the last century, taken in Bisni

In 1983, two Pakistani army officers stopped at a car rental office in the small coastal town of Bisni in southwestern Pakistan. One of them asked the owner of the office: “Do you have a good car?” We want to take an Arab sheikh to the Bangor region.

The owner answered them in the affirmative and sent his son Hanif with them to inspect the car.

The car was intended for Prince Surur bin Muhammad Al Nahyan, who belongs to the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates, as he intended to go to the Bangjor region, which is located about a hundred kilometers from Bisni, to hunt bustards, which are rare birds, whose meat is believed by some to strengthen the desire Nationality.

The sheikh loved the car and Hanif, who was then 31 years old, and thus a strong friendship arose between them, according to Hajj Hanif.

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