Hussein Al-Sayed: Sassi would have renewed Zamalek


Hussein El-Sayed, a former member of the Technical Committee of Zamalek Club, said that the Tunisian professional Ferjani Sassi would have renewed his contract with the White Castle after the session of Ayman Younis, the former head of the club’s executive committee.

A former member of the technical committee in Zamalek added, in statements on the “Zamalek” screen, “Ayman Yunus was in charge of negotiations to renew Ferjani Sassi’s contract in the presence of his agent.”

He continued: “After two or three sessions, Ferjani would have renewed his contract, the next day we were preparing the contracts and we were surprised by the presence of a Sassi agent with the player to demand a return to negotiations again and the agent began to bargain.”

He continued: “The number requested by Sassi’s agent is not acceptable because it is the price of Europe. The number he requested prevented us from entering into negotiations because he closed the door.”

The former Zamalek star ended his remarks by directing a message to Sassi’s agent: “You are joking because of the number you requested.”

Ferjani Sassi’s contract with Zamalek is set to expire at the end of the current season, as the Tunisian field average has not yet reached an agreement to renew his contract.

Sassi had previously obtained an offer from the Qatari club Al-Duhail in the recent winter transfer market, but the Zamalek management refused to give up the player.


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