Hussein El-Sayed: The agent of Farajani Sassi prevented him from signing the renewal contracts for Zamalek


Hussein El-Sayed, the former goalkeeper of the Zamalek team, revealed the scenes of negotiations between Ayman Younis, former head of the Executive Committee at Al-Qalaa Al-Bayda, with Tunisian international Fergani Sassi, the midfielder of the team, in order to renew his contract, which will expire at the end of the current season.

Hussein Al-Sayed confirmed, in statements to Zamalek TV: “Ayman Yunus held nearly 3 sessions with Ferjani Sassi, and the player agreed to renewal, after all the terms of the contract were agreed upon, then a session was set to sign the contracts, and when we attended that session, we found Sassi. His agent, Muhannad Aoun, was escorted, who refused to sign the player to the contracts.

Hussein Al-Sayed added, “Farajani’s agent rejected the agreement that was made with the player, and asked for double the amount that was agreed upon,” pointing out that the magnitude of the amount that was requested leaves no room for negotiation or discussion.

And the former Zamalek goalkeeper went on to say that some players did not procrastinate in renewing Zamalek, headed by Mahmoud Abdel-Razzaq Shikabala, who signed without considering the value of the contract, and Mahmoud Jensh, noting that Youssef Obamas procrastination was due to his agent, “Al-Shater.”

Hussein Al-Sayed criticized the prices of players in the league at the present time, stressing that the prices are greatly exaggerated, and the players are asking for fabulous sums.


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