“I love you so much,” – Newspaper Norte


Egyptian artist published Mohamed Ramadan Video clips of him while he was in Alexandria to shoot some scenes in the upcoming series “Musa”, which will be shown next Ramadan.

While Ramadan was in Alexandria, dozens of his fans gathered around him, while a girl appeared crying intensely after she saw Ramadan, so the last one went to her, kissing her head and hand and demanding her calm.

And in the video clip that Ramadan put on his official account on “Instagram”, it appears Mohamed Ramadan Amidst a crowd of citizens and his workers in the series “Musa”, which is expected to be shown next Ramadan.

Among the attendees, a girl appears crying, saying to Ramadan: “I love you is strong,” and he replies by kissing her hand and head.

وعلق Mohamed Ramadan On the video “Alexandria Now While Filming Ramadan 2021 Moussa”.

In another clip, which he also posted on “Instagram”, it shows a group of citizens in Alexandria also welcoming himMohamed RamadanRamadan commented on the second video, and wrote on it: “My dear Alexandrian Republic on the History Bridge in El-Qabbary, Alexandria. Thank you for your warm reception and your cooperation with us to film the Moussa series.

The series “Musa” starring Mohamed Ramadan Samia El Khashab, Abeer Sabry, Riad El Khouly, Sayed Ragab, Sabry Fawaz, Mundhir Rayahneh, Wahba Magdy and Farida Seif El Nasr. It is written by Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Mohamed Salama and produced by “Synergy” company.


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