I wanted to prove my common-law marriage by adopting a child


After she narrowed the way to prove her common-law marriage to her lover, her devil decided to sneak into a children’s hospital in the Sayyida Zainab neighborhood, impersonating a doctor, neglecting a mother and stealing her baby, which did not exceed 3 months, and ran away in an attempt to prove her marriage to her lover, until she was caught.

Cairo intelligence officers returned the smile to the mother after the return of her child, who thanked the police for their efforts. The arrest was carried out in implementation of the directives of Major General Nabil Salim, Director of the Capital Investigation Department, and the prosecution began investigating the accused.

Major General Alaa Bashandi, Director of Cairo Investigation Operations, had received a notification from Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Saeed, head of the investigations into the Sayeda Zeinab Police Department, stating that a report had come from a housewife, residing in the Abu Nomros center in the Giza governorate, who decided that her baby was kidnapped from her while they were inside a famous hospital. For children in the department, by a woman wearing a “white dress and in possession of a stethoscope” and claiming that she will sign a medical examination on him.

The mother of the kidnapped child decided in her report that the defendant asked her to leave her child to examine him and to complete some of his papers required for the hospital, and upon the mother’s return, she found the woman had kidnapped her baby and fled.

Immediately, a criminal investigation team was formed under the supervision of Major General Mohamed Abdullah, Deputy Director of Cairo Investigation, and through the statements of the child’s mother and examining all surveillance cameras, the defendant’s route was determined and accompanied by the infant, and it was found that the defendant, upon her discharge from the hospital, rode a number of taxis to disguise her surveillance Until I got to Mohamed Naguib metro station, and took the subway, she was seized and the infant was returned to his family’s arms.

And the defendant decided before the detectives that she had committed the incident because of her husband, a customary of her lover, and that she was barren, and the demon had calmed her down by kidnapping the baby and deluding her lover that she had given birth to him from solid to prove their marriage.

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