If my name is absent, my body is sufficient


Actress Aiten Amer published a new photo on her Instagram account, in which she appeared in a Tiger dress that showed her graceful body after she was able to lose the extra weight she appeared last year in the series “Tania Tania”.

Ayen commented on the picture with a message bearing advice to her fans, in which she said: “He who loves to meet you is promising, and he who tries to lose you forearm, and whoever you meet in distress is far away from the violin .. two dimensions are far away.”

Ayten received many comments that liked her appearance, including “You are the lover of love and our Lord,” “The Dear Moon”.

If my name is absent, my body’s adequacy - Iten Amer, I’m mad. Youth: WatchAyten Amer had launched a severe attack on the men on the occasion of “Valentine’s Day”.

She wrote on her personal Facebook account: “The man’s multiple relationships are a clear indication of his lack of manhood, and his urgent and repeated need to confirm it from more than one source. He needs many external voices to rise above the inner voice, which he keeps whispering in his ear: You are not enough man.

She added: “I never found a self-confident and self-worthy man who was as far away as possible from women. The eager male, available to all women, is more ugly than a prostitute. happy Valentine”


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