Ihab Jalal shows the red eye of the Ismaili stars at the beginning of the rescue journey


Ihab Jalal, the new technical director of Ismaili, warned his players against disdain in training or lax in implementing his instructions, during his meeting with them in the presence of the auxiliary apparatus in full. In the training session, participation in the team’s ranks will result, and the dervish coach asked his players to focus on training and quickly assimilate his ideas, in order to achieve the planned goals, stressing that the negligent will not have a place in the formation of the dervishes.

Coach stressed Ismaily What is new is that all players are expected to do their utmost in order to win the next matches in the league and bring back the smile to the masses while improving the team’s ranking in the competition’s schedule, and Ihab Jalal also stressed the importance of all players ’adherence to the instructions laid down, stressing that there is no place in the team for any player. Prove his complacency in the right of his club.

I consider Jalal to be valuable and popular Ismaily This confirms that the responsibility is great and it needs everyone to give their best and focus on reaping the victories.

In the same context, the administrative apparatus of the first football team of the Ismaili club agreed with its counterpart in Aswan Club to fight a friendly between the two teams next Saturday during the period of the international suspension. The Ismaili fought a friendly Monday evening in front of the military production, which ended with the loss of the team with a goal without a response, and the new dervish apparatus under the leadership of Ihab Jalal is looking forward to make optimal use of the international stop in order to fix mistakes and work to understand the technical and tactical plans.

At the same pace, Ihab Jalal decided to hold the dervish training in two shifts, so that a morning session would take place at seven in the morning and another in the evening at seven in the morning..

The Ismaili team is preparing to face Ceramica, scheduled for next April 3, at Ismailia Stadium, in the seventeenth round of the Premier League competition.

The Dervish apparatus seeks, through training in two periods, to raise the fitness rates of the players, in addition to working to assimilate them to the technical plans to be applied during the official competitions..

The board of directors headed by Eng. Ibrahim Othman had succeeded in entrusting the task to the expert trainer in the Egyptian League and classified among the best in Egypt in an effort to correct the course..


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