Imad Suleiman imposes secrecy on Maran Al-Dervish until facing Ceramica in the League


Imad Suleiman, a member of the technical committee, who supervises the first football team in Ismaili, decided to impose secrecy on the training, so that the attendance of all different media is prohibited.

This came, in order to impose more focus and discipline among the ranks of the team, before facing Ceramica Cleopatra next Saturday at Ismailia Stadium, within the seventeenth week of the Egyptian League competition.

The Ismaili was unable to achieve any victory in the league championship during 2021, after the Dervishes played 10 matches, lost 5 matches and a draw, and his last and only victory this season was on December 29, 2020 when he defeated Aswan with two goals without a response in the fifth week of the league competition.

The Ismaili club played 16 matches In league this seasonHe won a match, tied in 8 matches, and fell into the trap of defeat in 7 confrontations. He scored 13 goals, and received 21 goals, and he has only 11 points, ranking seventeenth and before the last in the league.

Ihab Jalal, the technical director of the Ismaili Club, assured its players that he rejected the idea of ​​any of them leaving the ranks of the dervishes before each of them offered an addition to the team. To prevent their minds from being distracted, especially since the Ismaili is waiting for a difficult task on the league table, which is to escape from the bottom centers..

Jalal told the Ismaili players that he used throughout his training career not to stand against the interest of any player, but rather to agree to his departure as long as there is a special offer, but this will not happen in Ismaili before reconciling the angry masses and returning the yellow team to its golden era, whatever the temptations..

Abdel-Rahman Magdy and Baher Al-Muhammadi are the most prominent Dervish players who received offers to leave during the previous periods, and there were reports that Al-Ahly and Zamalek entered many negotiations to contract with them. .

Ihab Jalal, the new technical director of Ismaili, warned his players against recklessness in training or lax in implementing his instructions, during his meeting with them in the presence of the auxiliary apparatus in full, as Ihab Jalal assured all players that the standard of justice is the only one that the technical apparatus will work with, noting that the feedback provided by each player In the training session, participation in the team’s ranks will follow, and the dervish coach asked his players to focus on training and quickly assimilate his ideas, in order to achieve the planned goals, stressing that the negligent will not have a place in the formation of the dervishes.

Coach stressed Ismaily What is new is that all players are expected to do their utmost in order to win the next matches in the league and restore the smile to the masses while improving the team’s ranking in the competition’s schedule, and Ihab Jalal also stressed the importance of all players ’adherence to the instructions laid down, stressing that there is no place in the team for any A player proves complacency in the right of his club.

Jalal was considered valuable and popular Ismaily A matter that confirms that the responsibility is great and it requires everyone to give their best and focus on reaping victories.


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