In a simple way … How do you save photos from Instagram?


If you come across an image on the popular Instagram photo and video sharing platform and try to save that image, you should be aware that the app does not allow you to do so, and although there are ways for users to download the photos posted by them, it is a little important if you are looking to save photos posted by users. Others.

But at the same time there are solutions that allow you to save photos from Instagram, where you can follow these steps as follows:

1. Open Instagram on your Google Chrome browser and log in

2. Scroll to the image that you want to save

3. Now, click on the three horizontal dots and choose the Go to post option

4. Right-click and click on the “view page source” option.

5. Press Ctrl + F and enter jpg. In the search box.

Find the first link with the suffix jpg and copy it

Paste the URL into a new page to open it

Right click on the image to save.

6. After that, the image will be downloaded to your PC’s local storage.


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