In commemoration of her tenth death anniversary … BBC presents a documentary film on Amy Winehouse


Greet BBC The tenth anniversary of the death of the famous singer Emmy Winehouse, by showing a new documentary film, which is the news issued by a number of famous sites, most notably NMI, DigitaSpa and others.

And the movie bears the name Amy Winehouse: 10 Years On It reviews many of her life and work and its impact on the next generation of singers and songwriters, as well as the work will review more details than ever before about the late famous singer Emmy Winehouse, who won a Grammy Award, as her mother, Janice, will reveal many secrets, including a presentation of a number of The screenshots have never been disclosed before and the photos are from the family archive.

Amy Winehouse

“I feel like the world doesn’t know the real Emmy, and I’m looking forward to reviewing many aspects of her life and getting a deeper look at the real Emmy,” Janice said.

The circulating reports indicated that a number of other family members and friends will participate in the documentary.

Star Amy Winehouse
Star Amy Winehouse

“Emmy was a true musical symbol, and we couldn’t be more proud to help people closest to Emmy to review more of her story, 10 years after her death,” Executive Producer Dove Friedman said in a statement.


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