In her first media appearance, Israa Emad reveals the details of her husband’s assault on her


After the spread of the story of Isra Imad, whose husband mutilated her face at the instigation of his mother, social media platforms publish a hashtag titled “We Want Right

In her first media appearance, Israa made a telephone conversation with the journalist “Syed Ali” in the “Hazrat Citizen” program broadcast on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” satellite channel. : “And from 3 days, he and I went back to each other and pulled together, and then I went to fix it under the house with them.

And she continued: “And his mother said to him,“ Will he bring you a sheet to roll it up and throw it under the house at her door, ”O either in the sea .. And his brother, the first thing that healed me, said:“ I look for that with you. ”

Israa denied her husband used drugs, indicating that his brother is the one who uses drugs and sells them.

She pointed out that the security forces arrested her husband’s brother today, and her husband’s detention was renewed for four days pending investigations, noting that the police summoned her husband’s mother to investigate the incident.

Isra Imad added, “I want my rights from him, from his mother and his brother, and for myself and something to return as he was. I will be destroyed while I have 18 years.

It is worth noting that a state of rage spread among the pioneers of social media platforms in Egypt, after the incident of the assault on a woman by her husband with a white weapon, where he caused severe bruises and injuries to her face and parts of her body.

It turned out that her husband’s mother was married to her father, and when she separated from him, there were great differences between Israa and her husband, because of the jealousy that burned in the heart and mind of the husband’s mother, as she incited him to take revenge on her, and threatened him to withdraw the taxi that she bought for him to work on him and give him to his brother.


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