In love with a mother .. Arab artists talk about “the maker of generations.”


Some of them chose to post Memorial photos and reminiscence With Mothers On Social media platforms For the participation of their audience on that day, and others preferred to meet with family and loved ones, and to present gifts.

Samira Ahmed, the able artist, told “Sky News Arabia”: “The happiest moments of my life are when my daughter comes in the morning to wake me from sleep and kiss me, and the most beautiful days of my life are Mother’s Day.”

Samira Ahmed’s message and the collapse of Lebleh

ووجهت Samira Ahmed A message to all mothers saying: “I say to all mothers in Egypt and the Arab world, every year, and you are good and happy, and I wish all goodness, love and appreciation to the mothers of the martyrs, every year and the mother of the martyr is good.”

Samira recalls her memories with her late mother that day with a smile of love and nostalgia and says: “I used to meet with my whole family and my sisters on Mother’s Day, to celebrate with my mother – may God have mercy on her – and we were spending an enjoyable and happy time, they were wonderful days firmly in my heart.”

As for the actress Lebleba, she collapsed into tears during her interview with “Sky News Arabia” about her mother, saying, despite the pain she feels: “For some days, I cried greatly because of Mother’s Day. He reminded me of my mother, may God have mercy on her. I lost the most beautiful and tender mother in this world. I lived with her all Details of her life. “

وكشفت For confusion She “is going through a very bad psychological state, and Mother’s Day is one of the most difficult days in her life. I used to think that with time she would overcome her separation, I found the opposite by missing her more, and I suffered a lot by leaving her until this harsh moment.”

Children of female artists

Hanan Mutawa’s mother’s birthday coincides with Mother’s Day, according to her statements to “Sky News Arabia”. Mutawa congratulates her mother and the mothers of the Arab world on the occasion of Mother’s Day, saying: “Every year and every good mother, our Lord blesses all mothers age, and has mercy and forgives the deceased mothers. My beloved mom saves me. “

Mutawa reveals that this year will be a very special celebration for her, because it is her second year as a mother. Corona crisis Lived by the world.

Mother’s original children’s school

In turn, the Lebanese artist and model said, Dominique Hourani To “Sky News Arabia”, “The mother is the original school of children. If you see a successful person, then I know that he is the making of the mother, and if you see him as generous, loyal, ambitious, pious, persevering and serving then I know that he is the making of the mother’s hand.”

Dominic added, “If I befriend a terrorist and a criminal, I know that the mother made a mistake in many places in raising her son. Therefore, we ask the mothers of the Arab world, the makers of generations, to help us build countries, end wars and stop terrorism.”

The Egyptian actress Basma expressed, in her recent meeting with “Sky News Arabia, that she is happy to be a mother, and loves her daughter Nadia very much, and devotes time to her to take care of her and develop her skills, and does not allow any way for her busy schedule to affect her daughter’s care,” and added that she prefers to watch Some of the films she participated in, along with her seven-year-old daughter, Nadia.

Basma is keen to convey and contain feelings of motherhood by constantly embracing her and participating in her childhood conversations.

A sad feast

As for the young Egyptian actress here, Zahid, she expressed her intense love for her mother with influential words through her account on social networking sites, this comes in conjunction with the recent infection of the Egyptian actress with the Corona virus, and commented: “I love you, the most one of my companions in the world, with your love, the most affectionate mother and father. We are all without you, and there is no need. The strongest, the best and the tenderest of her six times, may God bless you. “

Zahid added, “My mother is tired, and struggled, and I consider her to be one of the strongest women, for she is my idol,” and indicated that she wishes for a speedy recovery from the Corona, so that her mother would embrace.

Legend and Persia

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, the hero of the Musa series, participated in his audience through his personal account on “Instagram” with a video clip in which he appeared with his mother in a television interview and commented: “Every year and every son … his mother is satisfied with him.”

The Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, also celebrated Mother’s Day, publishing a group of pictures that she collects with her children during Mother’s Day celebrations and commented: “The most beautiful feeling of being is Mother’s Day.”


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