In pictures: Tales of Donjuan Ahmed Ramzi … caused the divorce of a broadcaster


Today, March 23 falls the anniversary of the birth of one of the giants of Egyptian cinema, Donjuan Ahmed Ramzy, who presented throughout his life a large number of important works of art, and through our topic we will learn about the most prominent stories in his career.

The most prominent stories and information in the career of the great artist Ahmed Ramzy:

He was born in Alexandria to a doctor named Ramzi Mahmoud Bayoumi, and from a Scottish mother. He also graduated from the Faculty of Commerce after he failed to complete his father’s career at the Faculty of Medicine, and then went to the cinema after his friend Omar Sharif nominated him for the film Our Sweet Days with the New Face at the time Abdel Halim Hafez.

He also participated in nearly 100 films, the most important of which were The Youth Madness, Love Under the Rain, The Story Behind Every Door, The Desert Cat, The Red Rose, Our Sweet Days, Conflict in the Mina, Gossip Over the Nile, The Heart with Rulings, Girls and Summer And the movie Ibn Hamido.

The series “Face of the Moon” and the series Hanan and Hanin were presented in 2007 as the last work with the artist Omar Sharif, and he left his will to be buried on the northern coast, and on September 28, 2012, he passed away at the age of 82, and was actually buried there based on his will.

As for the program of The Godfather with Laila Rustom Haky Ahmed Ramzi that the first scene he filmed in his life was the scene of the shirt button with the actress Zeenat Sidqi in the movie “Our Sweet Days. 1965.


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