In the presence of his wife and brother … Hussein Fahmy celebrates his birthday with the family (Photos) | news


Artist Hussein Fahmy celebrated his birthday on Monday, March 22nd.

Fahmy returned to celebrate with his family, where the media, Faten Moussa, the wife of his brother, artist Mustafa Fahmy, participated in the photos of Hussein Fahmy’s birthday celebration with his wife Anna Trabelsi.

Faten Moussa wrote on her Instagram account, her husband’s message, Mustafa Fahmy, saying: “Happy Birthday, my beloved brother Hussein, 100 years ago from me and Faten.”


It is noteworthy that Hussein Fahmy’s latest work is the series “Hot Line”.

And the series “Hot Line” starring Sulaf Fawakherji, Hussein Fahmy, Salah Abdullah, Nidal Al Shafei, Mido Adel, and Sahar Al Sayegh, written by Fawzia Hussein, directed by Hosni Saleh, and produced by Ahmed Al Jabri.

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