In the video … a piece of information revealed about Hala Al-Turk, “the fluctuation of public opinion” against her mother – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The lawyer responsible for the case brought by the young Bahraini actress Hala Al-Turk revealed, in a TV program, new information that may turn Arab public opinion in favor of the young Bahraini artist.

The Kuwaiti media, May Al-Eidan, published a video clip on her “Instagram” page with the title: “Hala Al-Turk’s lawyer talks about the nature of her disagreement with her mother, Mona Al-Saber, and the case between him.”

The lawyer and legal advisor, Muhammad Jasim Al-Thawadi, appears in the video, who spoke briefly about some of the details, stressing that these statements are legal, documented in the court and agreed upon by the parties to the conflict.

The main point, which the lawyer focused on, was the legal age of the artist, Hala Al-Turk, and said: “Everyone knows that the legal age of majority is a prerequisite for exercising the right to litigate before the courts.”

The lawyer emphasized that Hala Al-Turk’s age does not currently allow her to exercise the right to litigate, because she is a young young artist who has not reached the age of 21 and therefore has no right to file lawsuits.

This resulted in the fact that the report was not filed by Hala in her personal capacity, in relation to the allegations that she said that Hala filed a lawsuit against her mother, hinting that she was not related to the lawsuit filed.

The lawyer clarified another point that he considered “strange statements” about Halas imprisonment for her mother, stressing that Hala is “like any human being, and I personally do not know who made this point aware of these statements.”

He added: A solution is the same for any person and does not have the authority to imprison anyone. These are judicial matters that are not personal and a solution that has nothing to do with them.

The lawyer revealed that Halas mother had a custody ruling for Hala and all of the children, and they had been staying in the grandmother’s house since 2017 until the mother decided to go out to a separate house and the children refused to go out with her, but she continued to receive the expenses, according to what Sputnik reported.

The lawyer noted that according to the ruling, she was the guardian of Halas bank accounts, but after filing a lawsuit from the father, the case was settled in favor of the father in custody, but the mother immediately went to the bank and withdrew all the bank accounts related to child custody, noting that Hala had two bank accounts, one Especially for family expenses, and the other for saving, and it was forbidden to withdraw from the other account within an agreement with the grandmother, because it was intended to ensure Hala’s university study, but the mother withdrew all accounts as soon as she lost the right to custody, and as soon as she knew that Hala’s father took legal measures.



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