Includes sorties, raids and shooting .. Egyptian and Sudanese forces carry out “Nile Eagles 2” maneuvers.


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On Wednesday, the military spokesman announced the implementation of joint Egyptian-Sudanese exercises within the framework of the “Eagles of the Nile 2” maneuver, at a time when relations between Addis Ababa on the one hand and Cairo and Khartoum on the other hand are experiencing tension on the background of the Renaissance Dam issue.

The Egyptian military spokesman released pictures of the joint exercises that took place at the Marwa air base in Sudan, with the participation of members of the Egyptian and Sudanese air forces and elements of the Thunderbolt forces of both countries.

According to the army spokesman, the Egyptian and Sudanese forces participated in a number of “intensive training activities”, indicating that the first stages began with “indoctrination procedures and the method of organizing cooperation to unify concepts and refine skills to efficiently manage joint air operations, as well as implement many joint sorties.” To attack enemy targets and protect vital targets with the participation of a group of multi-role fighters.

The Egyptian and Sudanese Thunderbolt forces participated in the training, where they continued training in storming, concealment and camouflage operations, to carry out special operations and carry out several firing positions from different firing positions.

According to the Egyptian military spokesman, the training aims to achieve the maximum possible benefit for the elements participating in the planning and implementation of the management of air operations, and to measure the readiness and readiness of the forces to carry out joint operations on the various objectives.

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