Increased periods of sunshine .. Meteorology: improvement in weather conditions start


10:46 PM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Meteorological Authority said that starting tomorrow, Thursday, the country is witnessing an improvement in weather conditions throughout.

The authority added, in a statement: During the past 48 hours, the country witnessed dust storms in most parts, as the horizontal visibility decreased with it, and this is due to wind activity resulting from the passage of different air masses, but these conditions are characteristic of the spring season, which is a transitional season characterized by sharp and rapid changes in the state weather.

And she continued: From tomorrow, clear weather prevails in most parts and periods of sunshine begin to increase, and low clouds appear accompanied by light rain fall on the northern coasts, and the winds are relatively active so that a pleasant weather prevails during a cold day at night.

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